Gluten Free Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes

How was everyone’s weekend? Or are you one of the lucky ones who have Monday off too? We are officially half way through January which means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I’ve been seeing some adorable Valentine’s Day posts from other bloggers, so I thought I would jump in on the festivities.

I shared these Gluten Free Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes over at The Frugal Girls last week, but I thought I would share them here too in case any of you missed them! Enjoy :)

Gluten-Free Red Velvet Cupcakes

*Yields about 75 mini cupcakes

What you need:

For the cupcakes

– 2 1/2 cups Gluten-Free All Purpose Flour ( I prefer Bob’s Red Mill )

– 1 1/2 cups oil

– 1 1/2 cups sugar

– 1 cup buttermilk

– 4 1/2 tsp of Ener-G Egg Replacer + 1/4 cup water ( or 3 eggs)

– 2 Tbs. cocoa powder

– 1 tsp. Baking soda

– 1 tsp. Xanthan gum

– 2 tsp. GF Vanilla

– 2 tsp. Apple Cider Vinegar

– 1 oz. Red food coloring

– 1/8 cup water

For the frosting

– 6 oz Cream cheese

– 2 cups powdered sugar

– 1/2 cup butter at room temperature

– 2 Tbs. Buttermilk

– 1 tsp. GF Vanilla

How to make these little bites of heaven:

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Mix oil, sugar, eggs, vinegar, vanilla, food coloring and water together.

3. In a separate bowl sift dry ingredients together, then slowly add it to the wet mixture.

4. Nest, place the cupcake liners into the tray and fill 3/4 the way full.

5. Bake for 15 minutes or until you can pull a toothpick out and it stays clean.

6. While cupcakes are cooling make the cream cheese frosting.

7. Using a hand mixer, blend the cream cheese, butter, vanilla and buttermilk together until smooth.

8. Slowly add the powdered sugar into the mixture.

9. Put the frosting into a plastic bag that seals and then cut one of the corners off to create a decorating tip (or use a piping bag if you have one).

10. Apply the frosting to the cupcake in a circular motion (if you choose to do the decorative frosting, I would double the recipe. If you are just going to apply one layer then you will have plenty)


And because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, here is an easy way to dress them up for the special occasion.

I went to the dollar store and found these cute cupcake liners, I got 100 for $1. I also found these adorable heart stickers at the dollar store and thought they would make cute cupcake toppers. To make them, I simply put two heart stickers back to back and placed the toothpick in the middle. So easy, inexpensive and just added a whole new look to the cupcakes.

These red velvet mini cupcakes would make a great addition to a Valentine’s Day party or gathering. They are the perfect bite size dessert.

If you are gluten-free or know someone who is, you can view all of my recipes here.

I have lots more Valentine’s Day posts in the works! Don’t forget to follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so you don’t miss out on other fun ideas.


Taryn is the owner/editor of Design, Dining and Diapers, a lifestyle blog that focuses on DIY home decor, design, seasonal crafts, easy recipes and just being a mom! She is all about making things for less by upcycling thrift store finds and using what’s on hand. Taryn lives in the greater Seattle area with her husband, 3 year old daughter and 1 year old son.

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  1. says

    Aw, these are so sweet! I love how festive they turned out! And gluten-free is so helpful for those who are in need of recipes like this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    Thank you so much for sharing these! I am switching to gluten free next week and I have been scouring the internet all week for new recipes to try. I cannot wait to try this out!! I am a new follower and I would love you to stop by my blog. Thanks!!

  3. says

    Wow I shouldn’t be reading this so late at night! This looks delicious!! Red velvet is perfect for Valentine’s Day! Thanks for sharing at Oopsey Daisy!

  4. jo-lyn's cup cakes n' candies says

    Luv that these are gluten-free. They look great! How is the texture? Do you find that you get good results consistently with Bob’s Red Mill?? i recently bought some and was hoping I would have good results.

    • says

      Hi! Thanks for leaving a note. The texture is nice and soft, very fluffy. I really like Bob’s GF All Purpose Flour. I find that it is the most like regular flour. I’ve experimented a lot with other flours (almond, rice, tapioca, etc) and I found that Bob’s is the best for baking because it already has the right flour proportions. Hope yours turn out!

  5. says

    Hi! Made these cupcakes with white frosting and blue sprinkles this weekend for the 4th of July. Huge hit with everyone with and without food allergies. Used almond milk with a Tbs of vinegar instead of buttermilk to make it dairy free so the cupcakes are vegan and no one could tell the difference. Loved them!


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