Fingerless Gloves to Baby Leggings

Better late than never right?! I’m closing out our fun theme week with another easy baby gift idea. Fingerless gloves have made their way into fashion and let’s just be honest here, they probably won’t be around forever. So what are you going to do with yours once they are no longer in style? Well, here’s an idea… turn them into some sweet baby leggings for your little one or give them as a gift!

My mom actually bought these fingerless gloves for Baby E for Christmas and gave me the idea for this project (I told ya, she’s pretty awesome). You’ll want to get the fingerless ‘mittens’ that don’t have the actual finger holes.

Start by turning the gloves inside out and lining up the seams. Simply stitch together the thumb holes and turn the gloves right side out. SO SIMPLE!

There are so many ways you can dress them up too! This pair was already busy with all of the different colors and stripes so I left them alone. But you could add little bows to the backs of them or some lace on the bottom. The possibilities are endless. So instead of sending your fingerless gloves to the Goodwill once you are done, give them some love and turn them into a beautiful handmade gift!

In case you don’t have fingerless gloves that you are willing to part with or may be you never jumped on the trend, here are a few sites that are selling them at a low price. You may be thinking, “hmm I could just buy baby leggings for this price”, and you probably could…. but isn’t it more fun to get creative and have more options? :)

Black and Neon Striped Fingerless Gloves at Target
Knit Fingerless Gloves From Amazon

Hope you enjoyed this little ‘Baby Shower’ series on the blog.  There is still time to enter the giveaway, head over here to enter!

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Have a great weekend!

Baby Shower Gift Ideas


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    Super cute and easy!!! Thanks so much for sharing… now to find some fingerless gloves!!! xoxo- Rachel @

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    These are cute! Congrats on making the top fifteen of Every Creative Bloggers Got Talent! Your chairs were awesome! I can’t wait to see what everyone has up her (I know “her” sounds weird, but it’s correct grammar, and I’m an English teacher… LOL) sleeves for the next round! :)

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