April in Review!

Can you believe it’s almost MAY! Holy cow, I swear time goes by even faster when you have a blog. I feel like I just wrote the March in Review post. Here is everything that went down in April! I started off the month by sharing my daughter’s Shabby Chic 1st Birthday Party! It was […]

Front Porch Reveal

porch makeover, DIY porch, budget porch

I mentioned last week that I got a sudden urge to give our TINY front porch a little facelift. I wouldn’t exactly say it was a ‘sudden urge’ because it’s been something on my list forever, but I’ve been so focused on the interior of the house that the curb appeal has been a little […]

Top 10 Tuesday: Ways to Use Washi Tape


Welcome to Top 10 Tuesday! Technically I posted this on Tuesday (barely) but most of you won’t read this until Wednesday, it’s worth it I promise! Washi Tape is taking the crafting world by storm, seriously I can’t believe how much attention it is getting. I haven’t tried it myself but there are so many […]

A New Wreath For the New Front Porch

Rustic Wreath

If you follow me on Facebook you’ll know that a few weekends ago I spontaneously decided to give our front porch a makeover. It’s been long over due but since I’ve been more focused on the interior of the house I’ve kept putting it off. Pretty good argument if you ask me. But alas, it […]

Herb Garden Inspiration

If/when I decide to build our own herb garden one thing I do know is that I want to use organic soil. I came across this organic plant food from Whitney Farms® and it’s definitely worth looking into.

Top 10 Tuesday: My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

I know I took some time off, but I’m bringing back Top 10 Tuesday! For a while, life got so busy that it was hard for me to stick with a blogging schedule, but I think I’m starting to gain some control again (maybe). This week I thought it would be fun to take part […]

DIY Deer Wall Art

Deer Silhouette

Today, I’m sharing a project I’ve had ‘on my list’ for MONTHS and I am so excited that it’s finally finished! Do you ever have projects like that? The ones you really really want to do but other things get in the way and by the time you actually get to it you think to […]

Make Vases and Votive Candles from Recycled Jars

recycled jars into vases, shabby chic decor

How many times do you think twice before throwing your empty food jars into the recycle bin? Well, it happens to me just about every day. I swear being a DIYer quickly turns you into a level 3 hoarder. My problem is the second I lay eyes on a piece of junk or something being […]

25 Things

I’m feeling a bit random today. Just one of these times when your thoughts are pulling you in a million different directions and you can’t focus on one thing. Ever feel that way? Who am I kidding, that is pretty much how my brain works every day…Family, the blog, church, ongoing projects, the calendar, parenting, […]

Lofthouse Style Cupcakes (GF)

Lofthouse Inspired Cupcakes by Design, Dining + Diapers, gluten-free

  How many times have you walked through the bakery at your local grocery store and eyed those Pink Lofthouse Cookies? Before I became GF those were one of my many guilty pleasure. There is just something about them that is SO delicious, like melt in your mouth good. Somehow or another I managed to […]