March In Reveiw

March has come and gone and it didn’t disappoint! This month was crazy for us, it was filled with my husband’s birthday, my daughter’s 1st birthday, my brother’s birthday, my grandma’s 90th birthday and a big family vacation to Whistler B.C.! Time definitely flies when you are having fun (totally cheesy, I know, but it’s true).

I want to take a moment and welcome all of my new followers and friends! This was a huge month for DDD and I am so thankful for all of you. I know I say this every month but all of your comments, emails and Facebook posts really make my day.

So here is what you missed in March:

This month I shared a few projects I have been working on…

1.  A set of chairs from the Goodwill that I purchased for $1.30 and made over with a little bit of paint and new upholstery.

2. I wrapped up Baby Gift Ideas Week by showing you how to make Baby Leggings from Fingerless Gloves.

3. So it’s not really a project, but I shared my experience with a shellac manicure and how it held up while DIYing.

4. Next, I gave you a little peek at my daughter’s 1st birthday party by sharing my Tea-Stained Coffee Filter Wreath (more on the party this week!)

  This month I shared Gluten-Free Carrot Muffins and thankfully Jody from the hobby room helped me out in this department with her April Fruit Fools! Yum! I must say I am terribly sorry for only sharing ONE recipe with  you this month. I promise to be better in April!

I have to admit I have really been slacking with my Top 10 Tuesdays lately. To be honest I’ve actually been considering stopping the series but I want YOUR opinion! Do you enjoy reading them? Do you want to continue to see this weekly post?

For those of you who are new around here, generally each Tuesday I share 10 projects that inspire me and that all follow the same theme  i.e. 10 Spring Wreaths, 10 Easter Projects etc. This month I shared 10 St. Patty’s Day Projects including this Festive Pinwheel Art by The Lovely Cupboard!

And lastly, we had several really awesome giveaways this month! A HUGE thank you to all of the brands/shops/companies that gave away some fabulous prizes. Even though the giveaways are all closed, I encourage you to visit each of these companies and see what they have to offer!

1. Haley Pies Photography

2. Sneakpeeq

3. C3 For Stress

(I’m always looking for new shops/brands to partner with on giveaways. If you would like to sponsor a giveaway on DDD please email me! Taryn(At)

And that’s it folks! Hope you enjoyed this month as much as I have. Looking forward to some ‘April Showers’ in my neck of the woods!




Taryn is the owner/editor of Design, Dining and Diapers, a lifestyle blog that focuses on DIY home decor, design, seasonal crafts, easy recipes and just being a mom! She is all about making things for less by upcycling thrift store finds and using what’s on hand. Taryn lives in the greater Seattle area with her husband, 3 year old daughter and 1 year old son.

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