DIY Message Bracelet With Chalk Paint Beads

I’m excited to share with you a simple little craft I made the other day. I shared this over at Gallamore West a few weeks ago and thought I’d share it here too!

Here is an easy project that would make a great gift or just something fun for yourself! A simple ribbon bracelet with matching glass beads and a chalk paint bead to write a message on!

This DIY Message Bracelet is a fun way to share what you are feeling for the day or send a little note to yourself!

The other day I was going through my old bead collection when I came across these beautiful black and white glass beads. They were all so different and unique and I just knew wanted to make a bracelet out of them.

In the collection was this really cool flat rock bead (like my technical terms?). It was flat, really smooth and had almost the texture of chalk paint. So what did I do? I grabbed a piece of chalk to see if I could write on it and it worked beautifully! I used the flat rock bead as the the focal point with the idea that someone could write a personal message on it.

Once I knew my idea was going to work, I laid out all of the beads into the patterned I wanted. I’m generally not someone who plans ahead very well with projects, but I find it very helpful when making jewelry!

I strung each bead onto the ribbon and tied a knot in-between each bead. I kept repeating until the pattern was complete and the size was just right.

There are so many fun things you can do with this custom message bracelet. You can share a word that describes how you feel for the day, write your or someone special’s initial, draw a pretty picture or write down a quick memo to help remind you of something. Like what time to pick up the kiddos or when take the cookies out of the oven!

Since this specific bead is probably not something you find every day, you can easily make a DIY version using a wooden bead and paint it with chalk paint

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  1. Tani@Tagana Rose says

    Gorgeous!!! I love the chalk paint idea – it really adds a nice personalised touch to the bracelet!!

  2. Claire says

    I love this bracelet… I can wear this on daily basis. Love, love, love the design. My mom will surely love this too…

  3. says

    d’oh!! *best Homer Simpson voice* Why didn’t I think of this? Oh, I know, because it’s genius and my brain doesn’t do genius :D Absolutely fantastic. How about gluing a very flat pebble to some sort of pendant finding and make a necklace next? Love this project, thanks so much for, well, being genius!

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