Fall Twig Wreath

As I write this post, I’m cuddled up on the couch with a cozy blanket, my little one is napping, my husband is watching football beside me and the smell of fall fills my home. To me, this is what fall is all about.

I know we are already in the middle of fall, but I couldn’t help but share yet another fall wreath I made this year. I’m starting to think I’m addicted to making wreaths. It’s turning into a problem! But this wreath is a little different than most, you can make it with twigs from your backyard and some twine from the garage!

rectangular wreath, fall wreath, door decor, rustic wreath, burlap, inexpensive wreath, unconventional wreaths

I like this Fall Twig Wreath because it is completely unconventional, rustic, seasonal and did I mention FREE? This wreath can be made with supplies found in almost any crafter’s home and even if you do need to buy one extra item, it won’t cost you much.

rectangular wreath, fall wreath, door decor, rustic wreath, burlap, inexpensive wreath, unconventional wreaths

Being from the Northwest I tend to decorate with a rustic flair, but I think this wreath would also look great on a cabin door, fall mantle or even a seasonal wall hanging! Everyone needs a little fall decor in their home!

rectangular wreath, fall wreath, door decor, rustic wreath, burlap, inexpensive wreath, unconventional wreaths

I made the fall bunting with jute, burlap, white paint and a stencil I created using my Silhouette machine. You could easily personalize this portion to say “Hello” or “Autumn”.

Supplies Needed:

– 12 19″ Branches

– 12 14″ Branches

– 4 Yards of Jute

– Small Amount of Burlap

– Stencil

– White Paint/Paint Brush


Fall Twig Wreath

Start by separating the branches into two piles based on size.  Luckily the branches I found were already in the right sizes but you could easily trim them down to size.

Fall Twig Wreath

Next, lay out your wreath. Place 6 branches on each size with the shorter branches resting on top.

Fall Twig Wreath

Take 1 yard of jute and tie one end to a branch. Wrap the jute around about 6 times.

Fall Twig Wreath

Next, switch directions and start wrapping the jute around the other corner so it creates a cross like above. Repeat on all 4 corners. WARNING: The first couple corners take some patience because the branches will want to shift, but once you have to first two done the second two will be a breeze.

Fall Twig Wreath

For the bunting, cut 1 1/2 ” Squares and glue them onto a piece of jute. Using a stencil paint on your desired saying. I used my Silhouette to create my letters. I used the American Typewriter size 72 pt font. I also used the Silhouette to create the maple leaves.

rectangular wreath, fall wreath, door decor, rustic wreath, burlap, inexpensive wreath, unconventional wreaths

In addition to a wreath, this would make great mantle decoration, the possibilities are endless!

This post was originally shared on The Frugal Girls.

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  1. JaneEllen says

    Love, love this wreath. It is so awesome. I don’t have sticks in my yard but next door neighbor has alot of cut wood so will ask him if I can scrounge in his pile for sticks. This is so great, so glad you shared this project..
    We used to live in MT on Canyon Ferry Lake so still love that style. I loved it so much there. Now live in western CO west of Grand Junction out in countrty. I’d move back to MT in a heart beat even tho we’re pretty old now. (71 and 72). Husband was a trucker so we got to see alot of the Northwest.
    Can hardly wait to start this wreath.

  2. JaneEllen says

    I love your wreath and the sticks you made it with alot better than my sticks. Yours are more curved to emulate a wreath. Will have to find a place to get some more realistic sticks. My neighbor took off in his motorhome so don’t guess I’ll get to ask him if I can raid his wood pile real soon.
    I had a big bunch of sticks I bought when we lived in KY to use for projects. They’re ok but they’re not rustic looking like yours. That’s what I have tho so went with it today. Think I made my wreath too big so might just have to redo it, will see once I get the bunting made to hang between the sides. I also have some Kraft paper leaves made so will hang two seperate garlands.
    Do you ever get ideas but have to try it before you know if you like it or not? Sure hope so as I seem to get ideas often then have to scrap them. Luckily can use the leaves for something else. I love to make things with Kraft paper.

  3. says

    This is still one of my favorites, Taryn! I love the “out of the box thinking” with the wreath. Nice rustic elegance from mostly free stuff, no? Great job :)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Nancy

  4. stephanie says

    I reallllllllly like this. It is so original, I love things that aren’t the same old circle with flowers! I would love if you would share this on Super Sweet Saturday at swtboutique.blogspot.com. Great work!

  5. says

    That is such a lovely looking wreath! I love the rustic style, and that it’s rectangular rather than the usual circle shape. The little banner across the middle is super cute too!

  6. says

    It always amazed me when I see ideas like this. I LOVE your wreath!!! This is one of the best fall projects that I have seen. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. Yes, I will have to try this!!!

  7. says

    I find this wreath lovely and elegant, I will make 2 like this and I will put them on the kitchen. I think my friends will love them too. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!


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