Marinated BBQ Skewers and Father’s Day Gift Idea

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by West Elm. 

When I think of Father’s Day the first thing that comes to mind is BBQing. My dad is ALL about grilling and preparing meat new ways. Every year we ask my dad what he wants to do on his special day and it always involves his grill. And I can’t complain one bit because I LOVE enjoying the end result!

This weekend we celebrated my Mom’s birthday with a big family BBQ and I gave my dad an early Father’s Day present to try out on his Marinated BBQ Skewers… a brand new Schmidt Brothers Grill Set from West Elm.

Marinated BBQ Skewers via

Don’t these skewers look amazing? Fresh vegetables with chicken and steak marinated in a whole lot of goodness?

West Elm Grill Set

To kick off the evening of BBQing, I gave my dad this fabulous new grill set. It comes in a beautiful wooden box with a rustic rope handle. Hmm maybe he will let me keep the box :)

West Elm Grill Set

Inside the box is a set of 4, really cool stainless steel grilling tools with hemlock handles. If I was being completely honest, I would tell you that I secretly wanted them for myself because they are so pretty and rustic.

West Elm Grill Set

The set comes with a spatula, a fork, a basting brush and a set of tongs. The men in the family were definitely the most excited about the basting brush, the bristles are made of rubber making it easy to clean and the long handle allows for the grill master to reach pieces tucked in the back.

Marinated BBQ Skewers via

Now that we have the proper tools for the grill, it’s time to prepare my dad’s Marinated BBQ Skewers. My dad started by marinating all of vegetables and meat in olive oil, garlic salt, pepper and cilantro overnight. Then the next morning threaded them on metal skewers.

Marinated BBQ Skewers via

Then toss them on the grill until thoroughly cooked and they get a nice charcoal to them.

Marinated BBQ Skewers via


If you are still looking for a Father’s Day Gift, I highly recommend this Grill Set for all the grill masters in your life. West Elm also has several other great gifts to check out.

And if you want an easy marinade recipe here is what they used: handful of cilantro mixed with olive oil, garlic salt and pepper. Marinate chicken and vegetables overnight and then toss them on the grill. So easy and so delicious.

Disclaimer: West Elm provided me with this Grill Set to review. All opinions are 100% my own. 


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    oh! yes the skewers look amazing, chicken, steak! :-) & yes, that grill set is beautiful; it would make a great Father’s day gift for hubby this year! Hubby can’t wait for warmer days! :-) I heard West Elm will be opening a store in Quebec very soon! :-)


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