The Story Behind The Little Sewing Machine

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Last month, I shared these old crates I turned into shelves for my daughter’s new room. I was actually surprised by how many of you commented on the adorable vintage toy sewing machine that was up on the shelf. Well there is actually a great story behind that piece and I thought I’d share it with all of you today. It’s a good one.

I’ve seen this sewing machine in our family since I was born. During my childhood it perched on a little shelf in my parent’s home and this year it was given to me to put into my daughter’s room. I always knew it belonged to my grandma but never knew the story behind it.

Sewing Machine Newspaper Clipping

Well my grandparents (both 91) recently sold their home and have since been going through all of the boxes that accumulated over the past several decades. Last week, I was with my grandmas while she was going through one of the boxes and she stumbled upon a newspaper clipping that she began to read to me. The story was about how a little farming community in Eastern Washington was snowed in during Christmas and a group of good firemen dressed as Santa and his helpers hiked 8 miles into the hills to bring presents and food to all of the stranded families.

After the story was over she turned to me and said, I was one of the kids that was greeted by Santa that evening and that little sewing machine you now have was the toy that they gave me that year.

I love it when I am able to bring meaning into my home through various pieces. I am so thankful to have a mom and grandma who keep EVERYTHING which means I’ve been able to acquire some really special pieces over the years, including this little toy sewing machine.

And I love that Miss E will have this story to keep with her forever.


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  1. Melissa says

    That is awesome! Makes the sewing machine even cooler that you have the story and the clipping to go with it. I’d put the clipping in a little frame.

  2. Christy@ Confessions do a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer says

    Such a great story and so wonderful that you have a daughter to pass it on to! XO

  3. JaneEllen says

    It sure warms my heart that you feel the way you do, you seem to be a very warm loving person. Too many younger people feel that kind of story is too mushy and don’t want to relay it to kids. I’m so happy you do. Years ago when your Grama was young and me too, Christmas was a very special time and we believed in Santa til later than most kids do now. What a wonderful story to have to relate to your kids and the toy which inspired the telling. Your little Miss E is very lucky to have you for her Mom and such a rich family history.
    The weeks are sure flying by, hope you’re feeling good and it’s not too hot for you where you live. I had my first in July in Tucson, Az, phew was it hot. My then husbands sister was visiting and insisted on keeping the baby wrapped up, poor little thing had heat rash. Being a new Mom and just meeting an in law I didn’t want to say anything.

  4. Sue Schuster says

    What a great story. My Mom and grandma never keep anything. They both lived in small houses that did not have very much storage. So I lost out on a lot of great stuff. My Mom gave my Barbie, all the clothes she made for her, the house and everything to my niece. My niece left everything out in the rain and everything got moldy. I was so upset that she did that. So glad your grandma keep it for you.

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