Black and White Gallery Wall

First off, I’m so honored to be guest posting over at Tatertots and Jello today! I’m sharing my first Christmas project of the year, so go take a look!

It was around this time last year when I started our master bedroom makeover. Yes my friends, it’s been over a year and I am not even close to being done. I’m chipping away little by little, in between the kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel and my daughter’s new big girl room. And on a side note, I am making tons of progress and hope to have all of these spaces revealed by January!

Black and White Gallery Wall with FREE Printables by @tarynatddd

In order to make room for Little Man’s arrival, we had to play a little game of musical chairs and moved my daughter out of the nursery and into our guest bedroom and had to move everything out of the guest bedroom into…. well that’s a great question. I had to either find a new place for it or purge. I did a lot of purging. But some of it ended up in our master bedroom, like this desk and all of these gallery frames. They were exactly what I needed in this space in our bedroom.

Black and White Gallery Wall with FREE Printables by @tarynatddd

I took these frames, which once held photos, and turned them into a unique black and white gallery wall. I wanted it to have a vintage typography theme and I love how it turned out. And guess what, it is made entirely of DIY graphics printed on card stock. So yup, I didn’t pay a penny to fill these frames!

Black and White Gallery Wall with FREE Printables by @tarynatddd

While artistic to the eye, it is actually filled with sentiments. A few months ago I shared a post on How I Create A Meaningful Home, and I this is just another project that falls into that category. Almost every piece has a story behind it and meaning to my family.

Black and White Gallery Wall with FREE Printables by @tarynatddd

Within the wall you will find the lyrics to my husband and my song, an eye chart made with our families names, a number graphic made with our birthdays and wedding anniversary, several meaningful initials and the numbers on top represent my favorite scripture.

And because we all love before and after pics, here is how this room has taken shape over the past year.

Before and After Gallery WallQuite the difference, I  must say!

Black and White Gallery Wall with FREE Printables by @tarynatddd

All of the frames were purchased at Target.



Taryn is the owner/editor of Design, Dining and Diapers, a lifestyle blog that focuses on DIY home decor, design, seasonal crafts, easy recipes and just being a mom! She is all about making things for less by upcycling thrift store finds and using what’s on hand. Taryn lives in the greater Seattle area with her husband, 3 year old daughter and 1 year old son.

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  1. says

    what a great use of the space! don’t you love eye openers like that? I had a poster in my kitchen on a large wall, and I finally hung some wall spanning shelves in there, and it was like “duh” what a better use of the space!

  2. says

    Awwww… I love this!
    I’m abig big fan of anything typographic (probably because I’m a skilled graphic designer) and this gallery is exactly the style I love! Awesome!
    I need to remember this for the future :)

    Love, Midsommarflicka


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