How To Install White Wood Plank Walls

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Ryboi Power Tools.

Remember when I said my word for 2014 is FINISH? Well, I am happy to say I got another big project finally checked off my list! I finally finished the accent wall in Miss E’s new big girl rom and I am really loving how the room is coming together. Isn’t it the best feeling when your vision starts to take place? I still have a ways to go but here is a major sneak peek at how things are coming together.

Today, I’m going to show you How To Install White Wood Plank Walls. Thanks to my Ryobi Cordless Brad Nailer, the job was SO easy.  I mean seriously, anyone can do it and it’s really easy on the pocket-book too.

How to install a wood plank wall

Whenever I do a complete room makeover I always start with a vision and then it tends to change 500 times between the time I start and the time I finish. And I’m sure it might change a little before I finish it too! But I’m loving the whole vibe that the room is taking on (you can view my inspiration here). With some toddler twists of course!

Wood Planked Wall Tutorial_1P.S. I am really struggling with picking out decorative pillows for her bed. I don’t want to put too many pillows on there because I don’t want to cover up the headboard. But that little round one looks a little awkward. Seriously, I think this pillow situation has been the hardest part of her room so far, I’m not kidding. Who knew picking out a decorative pillow could be such task. I think I have something in mind, but do you have any suggestions? 

Wood Planked Wall Tutorial_3There are so many ways to install a wood plank wall. I did a lot of research and found several tutorials that were really helpful. I think House of Smith’s has one of the best so I’ll let you jump over there for some of the details. But I wanted to share my experience with you here.

Wood Planked Wall Tutorial_4I started with 4 X 8′ pieces of ready to paint plywood and had Lowes cut them down to 8″ pieces. I went with a wider plank because I liked the look a little better than the more narrow pieces. My store always cuts my wood for free but I know some will charge you a few extra dollars.

Wood Planked Wall Tutorial_5And unlike most tutorials I’ve seen, I chose to stagger my planks. I wanted a more pieced together look. If you look closely at the wall there is a pattern. I did two planks aligned to the left, two aligned right, and then two flesh to the all with a gap in the middle. Then I just cut pieces to fill in the gaps. It was a bit like piecing together a puzzle.

Wood Plank Wall Tutorial_7I put up the planks using my Ryobi Cordless Nailer. On my word, this thing is amazing. I don’t know how I ever lived without it. No air compressor needed. This little thing is light weight, powerful and got the job done perfectly. And the best part, it’s quiet. I can use this baby during nap time and my kids sleep right through it. 

Ryobi Cordless NailerIf I can recommend one specialty tool to any of you, get this. If you plan on putting up molding, board and batten, plank walls, anything that needs brad nails then get this. It rocks my socks off. It is really easy to use. The nails are easy to load and you can adjust the settings to make the nails set further into the wood.

Wood Plank Wall Tutorial_8After all the planks are up, I  filled in the nail holes with sandable wood filler. I really suggest doing this and not skipping this step! Filling the holes makes a big difference. Then, I sanded the boards down and smoothed out the edges and the wood filler.

Wood Planked Wall Tutorial_6I chose to paint the wood in Satin Dove White (primer + Paint) by Valspar. It took 4 coats to really get the coverage I wanted. Then I finished off the edges with quarter round molding. I also caulked around the edges of the baseboards and wood planks and the ceiling.

Wood Planked Wall Tutorial_3

Wood Planked Wall _2

This wood plank wall really helped achieve the look I am going for in the room and I can’t wait to finish up this area!

I am a huge fan of Ryobi Power Tools and you should be too! They have an awesome site called the Ryobi Nation where you can share YOUR DIY projects and get the chance to win Ryobi Power Tools! So head over and sign up and share your projects for a chance to win.


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  1. Janine R says

    I think a burlap sham and a crochet white/cream would add to the industrial glam feel you have going! :) Love it!!

  2. says

    I love how that turned out, it looks great! I have the same problem with choosing pillows for my spare bedroom, I don’t want to cover up the headboard but I have one small round pillow on mine too that I also thought looked a little weird! I’ll be interested to see what you choose to do… and then I might copy you! lol!


  3. says

    This room is stunning! My bedroom in our farmhouse was like this, of course at the time I hated it (because the other walls were papered) I LOVE that bedspread, all the elements are beautiful!

  4. says

    This looks awesome Taryn! I love your word “finish.” I’m on a kick to finish projects all the way. I’d love for you to come link up at The Makers Link Party happening right now at Hope to see you there!


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