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Do you have a million family photos lying around and don’t know what to do with them? Or am I the only one? Well I might have a solution for both of us… I’m so excited to be part of Kristen Duke Photography’s Decorating With Pictures series where 50+ bloggers are sharing creative photo projects. Today, I’m sharing a Clipboard Photo Display that I made for Miss E’s room and I’m so excited about it. And if you head over to Capturing Joy today, you’ll be able to…


300 wide

Family photos are a great way to fill large spaces and bring meaning into your home at the same time! As you know, I’ve been working away on Miss E’s big girl room. Last week I shared a big glimpse with her Wood Plank Wall and today I’m going to share a glimpse of a new photo project I just finished for her room.

Easy Clipboard Photo Display Tutorial via

So here is a something I’ve recently learned about myself and maybe you can relate. I pay money to have family photos taken, then I spend hours and hours narrowing down hundreds of photos into just a handful that I want to buy, which seems like the biggest task in the world. THEN, after I get these beautiful photos they stay on our computer or get tucked away in a drawer. What is wrong with that picture? (no pun intended)

Fun way to display year-by-year kid's photos! via

So I decided to take some of my favorite pictures of my daughter and finally display them in her room. I wanted something different and something that went with the vintage modern theme in her room. So, I came up with this Clipboard Photo Display. 

Photos by Keri Meyers Photography : Kelly Harper Photography : Lisa Wise Photography 

Clipboard Photo Timeline! Such a fun idea.

Each number represents her age, starting at birth (oo) and goes through age 4 (04). Then it will be time to start a new row! I love looking at these pictures and reflecting on just how much has changed in such a short amount of time.

Chalkboard photo gallery!

And since she is only two I obviously don’t have pictures yet for 3 or 4 so I filled the spaces with images that go with her theme.

Clipboard Photo Display! Also a fun timeline )

This project was SO easy and inexpensive and made a really big impact in her room.

Here is a quick tutorial.

Photo Timeline Instructions

I used some blue painter’s tape to create a stripe down the wall. It measures about 5″ wide. Then, I painted two coats of chalkboard paint.

Clipboard Frames

Then, I hung the clip boards with 3/4″ spacing. I found it was easier to hang the clipboards first and then do the stencils.

Number Stencil

And how cute are these sweet little hands?!? I am in love with this picture. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this one says so much. And I adore that Miss E LOVES helping me with projects. It’s such a special time for us.

Using my Silhouette, I created number stencils in Stencil font.

Printable Canvas Paper. My favorite.

And lastly, I printed out the pictures onto Printable Canvas Paper. Oh I love this stuff. I’m addicted.

 Fun way to display year-by-year kid's photos! via

I’m really happy with how it turned out and I love that I now have her pictures displayed!

Don’t forget to head over to Kristen Duke Photography and check out all the other amazing projects and giveaways! (there are two A DAY!)


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  1. Christine says

    I love thiis idea. My daughter is 16 and would kill me…But, she has a boyfriend…and they have been dating 6 months. I am thinking I could use this idea for posting photos of their first year together (if it lasts that long…) by months in her room. My other idea is to use this in the kitchen. I love to cook and can never find my favorite recipes….I could put them on the wall with clip boards. And if I really loved my family (and I do) I could laminate our favorite recipes and put them in a draw and let them pick out what to have each week. Hmmm the idea’s are endless. Wow…I could use this at work to make a priority wall. Using the stencil look of your theme and have permanant clip boards that I could use to move tasks around as priorites change. Thanks for this great look. You have inspired me!

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