Calendar Wall Art and Chalkboard Dresser

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update on Miss E’s big girl room! I’ve focused all efforts on finishing the kitchen (which is on its way to being done this weekend), but I’ve still been chipping away at making her room just the way I envision it. So I thought I’d pop in and share the new Calendar Wall Art and Chalkboard Dresser. 

Calendar Wall Art and Chalkboard Dresser - fun combo!

I’d been looking for a rustic dresser for a while when I came across this gorgeous ‘reclaimed wood’ dresser with chalkboard labels at Hobby Lobby. It was perfect. It came out to just under $100 with coupons. I tried to find it online for you all but didn’t have any luck, but I thought it was a steal compared to this one on Wayfair for $979!

Chalkboard Dresser, great find for a kid's room

I wish I had fabulous handwriting, but I don’t. Never have. So I created stencils with my Silhouette and then wrote on each drawer with a chalk pen.

Chalkboard Dresser! Love this idea for a kid's room.

I just love how each drawer has a label. Obviously I love the typography and the look. But it will be great for when Miss E starts to read and I cannot tell you how FANTASTIC it is for husbands! Ha. No more excuses on not being able to find anything :)

Wall Art Made From An Old Calendar of Paris with White Frames.

To finish off the space I created wall art made from an old calendar I held on to over the years. The vintage prints of Paris combined with these gorgeous white open frames from Hobby Lobby really made the look. (UPDATE: Many of you have asked where you can find the calendar, it’s from a company called Cavallini & Co.  and they have very similar ones in stock).

Calendar Wall Art

The prints actually came from a calendar of Paris monuments that my sister-in-law gave me the year my husband and I got married. I’ve held on to it for the past 6 years because A) I’m obsessed with Paris B) I loved the vintage prints C) It was from the year we got married. So that justifies my hoarding, right?!

I’m just glad that I was finally able to put them to use.

Calendar Wall Art in White Frames with Vintage Accessories

There is also a story behind the accessories on the dresser. The wire form was a gift from my Aunt and Uncle for my 16th birthday. I’ve always been into sewing and creating and I’ve taken it with me from place to place throughout my life. The tiny iron was from my grandma, used to iron baby clothes, and the E was another find at Hobby Lobby :)


Wall art made from an old calendar of vintage Paris prints.

 Here are a few more peeks I’ve given of her room… It seems like I’m changing things up weekly in there but it is actually on its way to coming together!

Wood Planked Wall _2

Wood Plank Wall Tutorial

Chalkboard Clock! Inspire by Crate and Barrel, learn how to make it in 2 steps. via @tarynatddd

Chalkboard Clock 

Clipboard Photo Timeline! Such a fun idea.

Clipboard Photo Wall 


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  1. says

    I love that dresser! So cute! But what caught my eye is the calendar art. Someone just gave me a similar 2013 calendar with those same great prints. Love the white frames!

  2. says

    I love that dresser!! It looks great I can’t believe it was only $100 and those calendar prints are beautiful – so clever using them as wall art! Love it!

  3. says

    Oh goodness- I love that dresser. I could really use something similar for my studio space. I think a trip to Hobby lobby is in order.

  4. says

    Love those calendar prints! Any idea where we might find some of those vintage prints? Maybe find the calendar on ebay?

    Also, where did you get that bed side table? That is super cute as well.

    I’m in the process of changing our 15 yo daughters room. She has put most of the input into that room, and I have to say I’m jealous now. I want my room to look as awesome as hers! Guess my room is next on the list.

    Shannon ~

  5. Ann Longoria says

    I was wondering if you purchased that dresser recently b/c I cannot find it at Hobby Lobby.

  6. says

    This is so cute and this room is so adorable! I love how everything just fits together. Thanks so much for sharing at the Sunday Soiree!

  7. JaneEllen says

    I was so surprised when I realized I was on your blog. You’ve changed your header. Looks great. And Miss E’s bedroom is looking quite sophisticated for a big girl. The dresser is one similar at our Hobby Lobby. Only it has different colors on each drawer, very rustic. The little night stand is so cute and very different. Lucky you found the only one they had left. Was meant for your little Miss E. Is she still being a good big sister? Hope little man is being good little brother.
    We came here one time for holidays to visit youngest son/family when their little boy was a baby still,. He and his big sister (4 yrs. old) were playing, she tried to take something from him but he wasn’t having it (he was maybe year or so), and he bopped her over head with a heavy toy. I’d been paying attention to them as not used to how they interacted, she liked to tease him, take his toys from him, so guess he got sick of it. (We still lived in MT at this time) I’d observed a bit of sibling rivalry on her part.
    Never know what even little ones will do, it’s quite interesting to watch how things are between siblings. Not suggesting Miss E might do that to her little brother, at that age they go thru different stages of tolerance. Hope your little guy won’t have occasion to bop his sister over head.
    I had to put hand over my mouth after observing them so son/dil wouldn’t see me smile. Our granddaughter, first grand child, was only 2 when we moved away from San Diego, the next year son got transferred here to Grand Junction.
    Are you and family having a nice holiday weekend? Hope something fun, enjoy


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